Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sacred 2 - Ascaron Fan Achievement

Well some of you playing Sacred 2 might have seen the achievement/trophy for Ascaron Fan and may have wondered where in the heck this place is, well wonder no longer friends because I am here to help and its easy to do just follow these steps.

1. Cut a hole in a box
2. Put your..... wait a minute these are steps for something else.

Step 1.
A crude map I know but the starting point for this is the Archaeologist camp at the north end of the Jungle region. If you follow the road south you should come to a bridge, don't cross instead travel east along the river and maneuver around the trees to make your way around the mountain, you should come across a t-energy energy field so you know you are going the right way, you should come to a crude wooden bridge cross it and explore around until you see a dungeon. (The outside looks like a ruin) Go inside and in the center of the room is a switch, activate it and you should see the text saying "Something Wonderful has opened". Right now you are probably saying "Where in the heck did it open up?" never fear I am here to help again.

Step 2.
For this one warp to the Tear Drop Hamlet and follow the road south towards the desert region, you should see on your map a huge field of t-energy pools that run north along the lake, make your way through them and proceed north (Don't worry there is only one way through the fields). After a while you should come to a series of bridges that go over the waterfall cross them after enjoying the view it's quite lovely :). The next landmark will be a Temple of the Gods from there head south and you should see a wooden bridge near the dead end go across it and you should see the dungeon called "Something Wonderful" not sure if this is a good reference but for us there was a Hydra outside of the dungeon but I think if you follow the map you can't miss it.

Step 3.
Go inside and talk to the guy in there, he will give you a quest called "Office" or something to that affect (You do not have to complete this quest for the achievement) proceed up the stairs until the achievement unlocks. Congratulations you have completed this rather miss able achievement.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekend gaming Recap

So another weekend has come and gone but it was not without it's fun moments in co-op gaming!

First up on my list were two sessions of Left 4 Dead one which was a complete success despite 12 restarts on the finale and one was a complete failure after breezing through the campaign only to be brought to a complete halt on the finale.

Saturday I believe it was myself, Zonf86, and my lovely wife MissLaceyT ventured out to conquer Dead Air. We breezed through the campaign only dieing I believe once on the third level, but the finale... oh man the finale is just brutal. The basic setup was that we would all get in the corner on the dirt hill and fire at the zombies as they rushed to us... it sounds awesome in theory but man it seemed to go south real quick once a smoker pulled on of us away... then it was like dominoes one of use would fall, then the next and so on. However after a grueling 2 hours and 36 minutes we pulled out a victory as we all climbed aboard the plane waving goodbye to Louis as the horde chowed down on his tasty innards.

"Eat me first my innards are tasty!"

Our second run through on Blood Harvest Monday met with disaster on the finale, words cannot describe how painful it was to constantly restart over and over only to be met with defeat. We did however fair a little better once Zonf86's friend joined up with us but due to a smoker tank combo our chance to win was quickly snuffed out. If anyone out there is interested we will be attempting this again either Friday or sometime this weekend be sure to check here for more details.

Smoker and Tank BFF

On a minor note got some Sacred 2 in over the weekend and got my Shadow Warrior to level 33 woohoo!

Hope everyone had a good and safe Memorial Day!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Lay offs rock the Halo Wars world.

Following many of other UNSC field operations in the Galaxy the Spirit of Fire chief officers layed off all employee's working at the bases field armory just moments after finishing work on the new turret upgrade. "It was crazy one minute the Sparatans were praising our work commenting on how well our upgrades helped out the team, and then the next minute after they sent us 800 supplies to finish the upgrade for our turret system we were all fired" said a former field employee "I mean what in the heck am I suppose to do now?".

Pictured left is the field armory that was shut down late Thursday around 10p.m. after according to field operatives Biohzrd451 and A Satriani Solo had reached the end of it's usefulness and was no longer cost effective to keep it running at the base facility. "We had to make room for something that was more cost effective and the field armory just wasn't doing it, so we scrapped it, blew it up and replaced it with an Air Pad." said Biohzrd451 "If the base employees have a problem with the reduction they can come see myself of A Satriani Solo to be placed on new duties." According to reports these new duties were being placed in the flood infested territory with a butter knife and a prayer.

At the time of press Captain Cutter could not be reached for comment.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel review (XBOX 360)

So it's been awhile since I have updated my blog, yea I know what you are thinking another failed blog.... well it's not the case just have been busy with other stuff :P. Ok so this week I am bringing you my review of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel.

So what happens when you merge a Diablo style hack n slash with an open world like World of Warcraft? If you guessed Sacred 2 you are right on the money because that is how this game feels starting out. When first starting the game you will be asked to create a character from a pool of 6 available classes 4 of which can choose either a light or dark path and two that must follow only one path. Here is the class breakdown:

Seraphim (Female/Light only) - This is the first class you are shown, basically following the back story they are responsible for the creation of Ancaria but were banished to live there by the creator. She is pretty much stuck to the good path so anyone out there wanting to play a dark angel please keep moving along.

Shadow Warrior (Male/Dark/Light) - The Shadow Warrior can for the most part serve as the parties tank, however for my review I played as a Shadow Warrior light path using some of his Astral Lord abilities which made him into a sort of Necromancer with medium tanking ability. I highly recommend this character to new players.

High Elf (Female/Dark/Light) - Serves the role of main magic user, and probably is the only one you could consider a full casting class in Sacred 2.

Dryad (Female/Dark/Light) - Archer/Nature magic user seems great for ranged combat.

Temple Guardian (Male?/Light/Dark) - Cyborg creatures that look like the Egytpian god Anubis. The seem to feel a role as both ranged combat and have a variety of tech abilities.

Inquisitor (Male/Dark) - Another class I got to play while reviewing the game servers as sort of a mage warrior hybrid with debuff spells.

So pretty good selection right? Well even after selecting your class you are given your choice of gods to choose from which grants you a special ability that is mapped to the top directional pad on the 360 controller, and more often than not comes in very handy.

The world of Sacred 2 looks amazing while the character models may not look next gen the world certainly does, grass and trees move in the breeze and even some spells affect the environment for example playing as the Inquisitor I cast Malestorm which causes all enemies to be hurled into each other it also makes the trees and grass move as if there was a violent wind blowing which I thought was pretty cool; however don't think you can just stroll through the world taking in all the sights because you will find yourself constantly hounded by enemies to the point is seems ridiculous and this is one of the faults I found with the game it seemed like there were no safe spots except for in the heart of a city with guards, some towns even have bad guys walking through them if you can believe that.

Keep running no where is safe in Ancaria!

The character in Sacred 2 while not looking next gen do provide some level of customization for your character to make him/her look they way you want, just an example my Inquisitor looks like he got his armor from Master Shredder so some level of customization is there; on the same note as that your weapons/armor can be socketed with various items you find in the world granting them different abilities ranging from damage enhancement to skill stat boosts. The one thing I did notice is that Sacred 2 has somewhat of a learning curve when it comes to getting spells and upgrading your abilities; when you level you are not automatically given spells or a choice to choose them spells/abilities are actually gained by finding them as loot/or buying them from a vendor, each rune you have of the same spell/ability that you use will increase your spell/ability level... this to me was a confusing system and it wasn't until my second run through that I figured out the system so if you are jumping into this right out of the box I recommend using the manual to get familiar with the world.
"I really like your helmet!"

The combat in Sacred 2 suffers from the same problem that other Hack n' Slash games have had since the beginning and that is extremely repetitive combat which as I said before is around every corner, now for me this is not bad but for others out there looking for different ways to approach a situation you might want to look elsewhere for truly deep combat.

Now for the highlight of Sacred 2 something I feel was done so right is the online Co-op. Following the foot steps of great games like Diablo 2 where the Co-op experience was one of the best in the Hack n' Slash genre Sacred 2 offers a similar experience but in a richer environment where each class can be so different from the guy sitting next to you playing as the same class that it is amazing. You can I believe bring a guest online but you will be sharing a screen for you couch co-opers out there however if someone joins your game they are free to wander as they please in your world which can support three other players if you are playing online.

All in all Sacred 2 is a good game for fans of Hack N' Slash or those just waiting on something to tide them over till Diablo III comes out, either way you are in for a treat in the world of Ancaria. I give Sacred 2 a 8.5/10