Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ghosbusters Review... Yea I know it's late :P.

Ok so yea I am a little behind on getting this review up, but I have been well ya know busy. Anywho unless you have been under a rock for about a month you will know that Ghostbusters the video game released on June 16th in the US and I believe about a week later for our European cousins.

Let's start by saying if you are by any means a Ghostbusters fan you will enjoy this game, from throwing at your proton steam, to setting a trap to capture those pesky ghosts it's all there. Also the original cast from the movies reprise their roles of the Ghostbusters crew, with the exception of Rick Morannis who didn't with to voice Tulley as he is now retired but the game dev's still payed homage to him with his desk and a set of ear muffs over his uniform.

The graphics are excellent, and the characters look exactly how they did in the 80's, but graphics are not everything right? How is the gameplay you ask? Well think Gears of War Lite which basically means Gears without melee and with a limited selection of weapons but that is by no means a bad thing you will quickly find yourself using the weapons in different ways to capture ghosts. The best part of the gameplay to me is simply wrangling the ghosts into the trap now will this may seem repetitive it never seems to get old, especially when you get the hang of slim dunking. Now onto the music well not much to say really it sounds like it was pulled straight from the movies and will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy from nostalgia.

Now for my gripes with the game well actually only one gripe and that is the lack of a co-op story. Now don't get me wrong the story does a good job of making you feel like a new Ghostbuster but to be honest it feels lacking when you see 4 Ghostbusters you can't help but think of Co-op along the same lines as Left 4 Dead where each player picks their Ghostbuster and tackles the story together rather than solo with questionable AI. This brings me to my second gripe... yea I know I said I had only one but I lied and it is the Multiplayer it just feels like tacked on Minigames rather than a full multiplayer I would have liked to have seen where you select calls maybe even random to check out a located and hunt a ghost rather than the timed missions we have.

So my final verdict is if you are a Ghostbusters fan you could justify the buy, however with alot of games on the horizon I would probably recommend renting the game even on the hardest setting it should only take you a day or two to get through the story. I give Ghostbusters a 3.5 out of 5 for a solid story but the lacking of a good co-op and multiplayer the re playability just is not there after a few runs through the game.