Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Night Gaming

Well its finally Friday and tonight is my prime night for gaming, so tonight we will more than likely be playing Left 4 Dead first running an expert campaign.

After we will probably be running Gears 2 on horde for a bit so if your up for a night of gaming we have two free slots on L4D and three free spots for Gears 2.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

This week in review

Remember when the Sega first came out and you were not the cool kid on the street unless you had one? Well know you can relive your glory gaming days with Sonic's Ultimate Gensis Collection which boasts a huge list of classic Sega games.

The List:

· Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle
· Alien Storm
· Altered Beast
· Beyond Oasis
· Bonanza Bros.
· Columns
· Comix Zone
· Decap Attack starring Chuck D. Head
· Dr. Robotnik's MBM
· Dynamite Headdy
· Ecco the Dolphin
· Ecco II: The Tides of Time
· Fatal Labyrinth
· Flicky
· Gain Ground
· Golden Axe I
· Golden Axe II
· Golden Axe III
· Kid Chameleon
· Phantasy Star II
· Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom
· Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium
· Ristar
· Shining in the Darkness
· Shining Force
· Shining Force 2
· Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master
· Sonic 3D Blast
· Sonic and Knuckles
· Sonic Spinball
· Sonic the Hedgehog
· Sonic the Hedgehog 2
· Sonic the Hedgehog 3
· Streets of Rage
· Streets of Rage 2
· Streets of Rage 3
· Super Thunder Blade
· Vectorman
· Vectorman 2


· Golden Axe Warrior (SEGA Master System)
· Phantasy Star (SEGA Master System)
· Alien Syndrome (Arcade)
· Altered Beast (Arcade)
· Congo Bongo (Arcade)
· Fantasy Zone (Arcade)
· Shinobi (Arcade)
· Space Harrier (Arcade)
· Zaxxon (Arcade)

I gotta be honest most of these I never played growing up, however some of the ones on the list make the 29.99 price tag worth while for me, and I am sure some people out there will see a few games on there and pick it up as well.

Let me start by saying I have gone through every game on here since purchasing it, while not playing each one through I did play enough to get the achievements, however this allowed me to get a feel for games I might otherwise not have played, for instance Bonaza Brothers I had never heard of until playing this collection and it turned out to be one of my favs because you need timing and strategy to get past each level on one clean run one mistake and you lose time and points, another one that comes to mind that really gave me the old arcade feel was Super Thunder Blade man going for the 1,500,000 point achievement was tough but after getting the feel for dodging the fire balls that the enemy vehicles launch at you it turned out to be fairly fun/enjoyable.

What really sealed the deal for me was Sega including Shining Force & Shining Force 2 both are some of my favorite games on the Sega and with them I can see countless hours playing through again to experience the rich and enjoyful gameplay.

The one downside to this collection that could have made it really shine was the fact that they didn't include any Live play, sure you can couch coop but with the ability to play online with friends it seems Sega got lazy and just didn't feel like programming the games with the ability to handle it.

You may have your own favorite games on here that make it worth the purchase for you and if you only see a few I would still say pick it up to relive some of those good times you had when you were younger.

I give Sonic's Ultimare Gensis Collection a 4.5 out of 5.

Flashback Thursday

This week on Flashback Thursday we go back to one of the Classic Coop games for the SNES, Secret of Mana.

Secret of Mana places you in the role of the Mana Knight who draws the Rusty Mana sword from a rock much like the Sword in the Stone thus beginning your quest to restore order to the world and stop a chain of events that destroyed the world before.

This game is still today one of my faves from the SNES era and the gameplay still stands the test of time today. I remember renting this with a friend and rushing to unlock the Princess character so we could play coop, and let me tell you now that is the way to play Secret of Mana, having a friend switching between both the princess/pixie allows them to cast support/offensive magic while the play controlling the Mana Knight dishes out punishment to the boss. The best time I had with this game was the time I rented it as I said before and my friend and I did a run through the entire game in less than a day, talk about amazing fun.

Secret of Mana while supporting coop play also had a killer soundtrack, one theme comes to mind really quickly and that is the Battle with the Lich King music, no other boss battle has gotten me that pumped with the exception of One Winged Angel from Final Fantasy VII.

Overall Secret of Mana was an awesome game and hopefully it will find its way to the Wii VC so new generations can experience one of the greatest games of all time in this bloggers opinion.

Played Secret of Mana? Got impressions you want to share? Then leave some comments on what you think about it.

Whew about time

Well its about time I updated this thing, sorry for the delay but I was busy with ya know life lol.

Let's see we need a quick recap of the awesome Coop meetup last Thursday with Left 4 Dead. I was running expert with Armor Biff (The crack shot), KO Virtuoso, Myself, and JohnnyGameCrazy (The Joker). We ran No Mercy on expert which out of the 4 is one of the toughest to accomplish however we made good time and only really got held up on the 2nd and 3rd levels, darn tank spawns :P. We eventually made it past the tanks who kept moonwalking after us and got to the rooftop finale, which somehow I manage to get the infected to open up the glitch room (didn't think it was possible on expert) so we thought we had it in the bag... WRONG as soon as we step out I get snagged by a smoker, Biff quickly dispatched him and Johnny then gets downed by a boomer/hunter combo Biff makes a mad dash to the Pad while KO came back to rescue us only to get downed himself and thanks to a sucky tank spawn near Da Choppa Biff got downed in it and we lost the match, only to come back the next round and finish our run... good job guys!!

So the rest of my weekend went fairly decent got in alot of Gears 2 with bots/horde, and got in some Rock Band 2 on Saturday morning. Oh flash back to Saturday it was Valentines day right? Suppose to be a awesome time with the one you love... wrong ours went to hell right from the start... first off it was rainy, second off traffic near the mall was crazy and on top of rain it equals no fun. So we decide early on instead of eating in somewhere we will call up Outback and get curbside takeaway, well here is the first road bump, I order two meals, and a Bloomin Onion... yea they forget the onion its not even on the ticket... so I stop the guy and was like I ordered a onion too, he kinda looks at us like we are retarded for wasting his time, so he goes back in rings me up and about 10-15 mins later another guy comes out with my onion... ok it's not so bad lets get home... here is the second road bump going up on the interstate there is like a 10 car crash (remember it was raining) which caused all the people driving to stop and stare to see if anyone was dead (why?) so it takes longer to get home and I am steaming at this point (I hate traffic) so we finally get home to relax and eat right? yea do you even need to guess? lol Our dog decides it would be awesome to poop in the hallway and my Son thought it would be even funnier to take his blanket and smear it in the poop. Needless to say our day sucked.

So yea that's what was going on, fun eh?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Flash Back Thursday

Ok so this week I am bringing you one of my favorite cinematic platformers of all time Heart of Darkness for the Playstation.

The story is basically about the main character Andy traveling to an alternate dimension to save his dog Whiskey from the Shadow Master who sent his minions to capture Andy however they goofed and brought him the dog instead. If you have played Prince of Persia, Flashback, or Out of this World you will be familiar with this game, you move from screen to screen fighting enemies and solving puzzles make any mistakes and you are treated to sometimes gruesome death animations of Andy.

I remember the first time my Brother brought this game home watching him die time after time (Did I mention he sucks at video games?) before he gave up and finally let me play. I spent countless hours figuring out the puzzles hands sweaty from mashing buttons to avoid incoming attacks that would spell doom for poor Andy. One level in particular was extremely hard and that was the Underwater one, if any of you remember the underwater level on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game on the NES you will feel right at home here, its tough and very unforgiving if you make a mistake with your timing, thankfully unlike Ninja Turtles you are treated to many Checkpoints during the game allowing you some breathing room if you happen to make a mistake.

If you can manage to find the game anywhere it is well worth the pickup and I highly recommend it if you were a fan of the orignal Prince of Persia.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Class recap from last week

So I'm going back to college to finish up my BAS degree, and on Wednesday night I attend my economics class, now let me start by saying I have had some classes with weird people in it before, take for example when EMO first started becoming popular I remember during the week of finals there was this guy wearing a tattered shirt like he had been mauled by a bear... no I am serious, and was doused with fake blood.... I took one look at him and said "What class are you taking? Because that final must have been hell." the only response I got was an evil stare like he was going to devour my soul.

Seriously what is up with this guy?

Anyway back to my economics class, we are disscussing GDP or Gross Domestic Product and the different types of sales not included in its calcuation, well when it comes down to illegal sales the guy next to me (Hes a 40 year old flamer who wants to be senator of Massachusetts because he is too liberal for FL) says "Anyone want to buy a dime bag" granted this was kinda funny but the next comment floored me he says in all seriousness "Like tipping a Drag Queen" the class falls silent... the Professor quietly and calmy moves the class along letting the comment die on the floor, however leaving class I heard everyone talking about what a weirdo the dude is. What do you think??

"Drag queens need tips too meany"

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Indiana Jones and the Vending Machine of Doom

Yea so I dig up some change from around my desk hoping to dine on the fine delicacies that the vending machine offers. I approach scanning the selection looking for something to whet my appetite and what do I see? A Milky Way bar ooo man these things are so good and they are never in the vending machine, so I pop in my change retrieve my candy and march proudly back to my desk. Well here is where Indiana Jones comes in.... I open the wrapper and inside is the nastiest looking piece of candy I have ever seen... no joke it could be in a history museum it looks so old, but what do I do? I eat the thing and wash it down with a mountain dew... so I give myself about 10-15mins before I do the okey dokey shuffle all the way to the bathroom to expel the demon bar from my body.

"I ain't touching that candy bar shorty"

Weekend gaming recap

Well this weekend in gaming saw many highlights and I am here to bring you all the awesome facts of awesomeness.

First off let me start by saying Friday I was sick.... yea really sick let me put it this way some friends of ours came over and the first thing I said to them was "I gotta throw up". Anyway starting off Friday night my friend brought over his PS3 so we could try out Killzone 2.... yea we were downloading it from 8pm to 11pm when they left, for some reason the ps3 blows on my connection yet my 360/computer fly when doing downloads. However the night wasn't a total loss we did get in some Resistance 2 which to be honest didn't feel as awesome as people made it out to be.... maybe I'm just a XBOX fanboy but the game doesn't look very pretty when compared to some of the titles on the 360.

Also on Friday I finally got to get some Gears2 in with Djinniman from was cool playing with him and I believe Armor Biff joined us for a bit on Horde mode on Day one.

For the rest of the weekend I spent most of it playing Gears2, and let me tell you I had some funny moments, in fact I am going to share one with you right now, bet you didn't see that coming :P. I was playing on one of the new maps Gold Rush on the Locust side (Locust FTW!!) well im sitting crouched behind some cover and Baird is rushing me, I do a quick blind fire with my shotty and BOOM! Baird is nothing but Gibs, well shortly after killing him Hoffman thought it would be funny to shoot me in my butt with the Torque Bow finishing me off.

Take that Q-tip.
It was a fun weekend in gaming and I look forward to many more soon, also be sure to check back here after Thursday when I can give Recaps of the Left 4 Dead Coop night.

Later Days.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sick Days

So yea being sick sucks, Friday/Monday I had sick days and let me tell you they were rough, I will spare the gory details though :P.

Lets see a quick weekend recap, Saturday went to my sis-inlaws 12th b-day party and as always I was the life of the party, she had her friend over who was quite annoying as she would not shut up (ADD maybe?) anywho Melody (My sis-inlaw) was on the computer with her friend while me and my Bro-inlaw loaded up his Nerf sniper rifle, which after it was loaded I set my sites on the friend gently pressing in the trigger careful to control my breathing, waiting for the perfect moment to take my shot, and then it happend *WHAM* she screams as the nerf dart nails its target I quickly duck under the bed careful not to give my position away as she quickly comes looking for the shooter. So yea maybe it didnt happen just like that but I did shoot her with the nerf gun... yea im 24 so what? I can't shoot a 12 year old with a nerf dart?

Oh yea here is the nerf gun: