Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bargain Bin Bio: Spider Man Web of Shadows

This week I dive into the Bargain Bin once again to bring you a review for one of the latest entries into the Web Slinger series Spider-Man Web of Shadows.

  • STORY: 
 Our story finds us taking over the role of Spider-Man it what shown to us by the tutorial to be in the heart of terrible goings on as we soon discover that Venom is back and he is up to no good, but it's not just Venom you have to worry about some of Spider-Mans other iconic villains make an appearance and can potentially become allies to our wall crawler. Overall the story is what you would expect from this sort of game where our hero sets out to save the city and potentially the world, however along the way choices can be made that affect not only who will fight alongside you but also can affect the outcome of the game.

The gameplay overall is fairly decent, but most of the OPTIONAL tasks get really really really repetitive and you will find yourself sighing after saving 100 citizens only to find out the next goal is 200 more. The good news is if you don't care for optional goals you do not need to complete them to move on, however if you are an achievement whore like myself you will need to complete 60 to get the achievements associated with them.

The game controls very well, and you will find yourself easily pulling off high hit combos with no problems. The only real bad thing is the insanely crappy camera angles that randomly make it to where you cannot see anything at eye level as trying to adjust it will either place you looking up at the sky or down at the ground an easy fix is to re-center the camera by pushing the left stick in.

The graphics are pretty decent with crisp textures on some of the character models, however as with any open world game there are some draw distance issues, and the occasional texture pop in but nothing that really detracts from the experience.

  • SOUND:
Probably the weakest point in the game. The music I  noticed at times would skip, and some of the sounds would stutter but really its not anything that would stop you from enjoying playing the game.

Overall I would give Spider-Man Web of Shadows a 3.5 out of 5, while it is not up to par with other open world games it is probably the best Spider-Man game since the one based on the second movie. For any fan of Spider-Man I recommend a rental at least, but at the low price of about 17 bucks it worth checking out.

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